Why you learn to be social media expert


Social media expert plays an important role in maintaining different things on social media sites like customer service, brand promotion and selling of products. It is important to learn about social media strategies so that being an expert one can play the following role while dealing with clients Client education Social media expert always has to do dealing with a client, it is important to guide the client about social media strategies and rules for doing marketing. This is important if client well understands about the schemes related to marketing on social media will help him in improving his business quality. Social media expert must guide his client about value and benefits about social media marketing. The value must be in terms of quality like buy Instagram followers that means what they get from social media.  Monitoring of brand The social media expert must have such experience and skills to monitor the brand properly. He must identify the problems that […]

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The Man who Walked Half of the Earth

Ibn Battuta

ravelling is an activity that is filled with enthusiasm and lot of passion, the charm in traveling is amazing and so that was for Ibn Battuta. The one of the greatest traveler of old times Ibn Battuta visited more than 40 countries on earth and make exciting adventurous journeys from Morocco to China. Ibn Battuta was born in the coastal Moroccan town of Tangier on 1304 into a rich family. Ibn Battuta was educated in Islamic law and he had the desire to visit distant lands. He started out on his first journey in the form of holy pilgrimage to Mecca. He left his home town at the young age of 21 to set out on a journey of a life time which covers the span of three decades. Let’s embark on a journey to know about this amazing traveler of old time. The Urge to Travel:  After studying he wanted to gain education and like a pious Muslim wanted […]

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