About Learning to Kitesurf

If you are considering learning to kitesurf but you’re too frightened, or perhaps you think that you’re not made for doing this, rest assured that you aren’t the only one who feels like that. Many people notice the same way, and plenty of give up before even contacting an established instructor. In our mission for put people comfortable and answer the most commonly asked questions about learning how to kitesurf, we’ve teamed up with the friend and experienced kitesurfing instructor, Mahmoud Elneny who teaches in Egypt, Red Sea Zone.

Is kitesurfing very easy to learn?

Kitesurfing is much like any other sport, a lot of people have more talent for doing this, others less. How quickly one can learn kitesurfing depends of a few factors: by way of example, where have you been learning kitesurfing. If you’re taking classes inside a spot which has shallow water, good wind conditions this is not too crowded, then you definately stand an enhanced likelihood in learning quicker. However, in the event you choose a spot which includes waves, gusty wind, or possibly is very crowded, it could take you longer, as you will be spending longer walking with all the kite in lieu of trying to get about the board.

Can girls figure out how to kitesurf?

Yes, many girls do kitesurf already along with the sport has grown increasingly popular with girls. They are extremely quick to learn, and in addition they seem to have an enjoyable time a lot when they’re riding.

Do I need to certainly be a good swimmer before learning how to kitesurf?

When that you are kitesurfing, that you are above water. But, yes, you’ll need to be at least comfortable within the water and be able to swim just a little. Of course, make sure you wear flotation device when that you are going in deep water.

Do I need strong legs and arms? Which muscles are most solicited in kitesurfing?

When you happen to be kitesurfing, you happen to be pulled around the water through the kite, that’s connected to you through the harness. But you are going to be using your legs to keep up your position, plus your arms to influence the kite. The most solicited muscles tend to be your thighs and core muscles. Paradoxically, the harder you is going to be kitesurfing, the stronger you happen to be but you don’t have to use your muscles a great deal because your technique improves. So, the better you’re technically, the less physical effort is going to be required.

How young/old you must be to find out kitesurfing?

For insurance purposes, the college can only teach students which can be over 20 years old. But, privately, we can easily teach younger people too. The youngest student I’ve had here, privately was an 8 years boy from Germany. Both his parents are kitesurfers and were very keen for his or her offspring to master as early as possible.

The oldest student there was was a 70 years of age gentleman from Italy. He is still filled with life and wants to appreciate it to the maximum.

What is regarded as the difficult thing while studying kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, for newbies, can feel a bit bit counter intuitive. If you ride a bike as an example, you’re going faster in the event you pedal with an increase of energy. In kitesurfing, you have the energy from your wind which pulls the kite, so you won’t need to use force to look faster. You need to harness the wind by piloting the kite. So, our first focus is usually to teach students how to effectively pilot the kite and harness the effectiveness of the wind. After that, this is the balance and working together with the board.