Has Renee young made the right decision to start her career?

Has Renee young made the right decision to start her career in the WWE as newcomer?

Description: want to know about has Renee young made the right decision to start her career in the WWE as newcomer? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about her.


Renee young was born on September 19, 1985 and made her debut in 2013. She is a professional on air broadcaster and performs backstage interviews with superstars. Renee is signed with the company because they need such a talent like her. Renee is not an official wrestler but her duties are very essential to sell any PPV and ask questions which take a sharp mind to do that. WWE is the place where talent never lost, they always finds a way to get the specific person fit in their company and give them all the liberty to make it better. Just having bunch of superstars and other personnel is not enough you need someone who can portray you in front publically to create hype so people can come. She is very talented and quite charming. She is the reason why everyone is buzzing around on social media pages and want to know about the inside story from her.

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  • How she started her career?

She started her career as the host for the Score news and covers all their programs including watch wrestling WWE, UFC, and all the latest factions to provide update on them.

  • Will she ever wrestle in the divas division?

Unlike many other female wrestlers she has not any kind of wrestling history. Renee is just an ordinary woman who is looking for way to establish her career. She certainly has the knowledge about wrestling but it is just the beginning of her career as to control all the duties that have given to her. But who knows the company could turn her into a full time wrestler in coming future.

  • Does fan have starting to like her?

It looks like she receiving great support from WWE universe (fans) who watch wrestling online all over the world. It is just beginning of her career and response is amazing on social media websites. We wish her a successful career ahead in coming year in WWE.

  • What about her present status in the company?

Right now, she is hosting kick off panels for major PPV events on WWE Network live 24/7 free interview backstage and works in broadcasting team. The interesting rumor about her is that she is in relationship with the current superstar Dean Ambrose.

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