How Internet Marketing is Effective in 2018

A few decades ago, internet was invented, and is now relied on by millions. Internet is used for entertainment, information, and as means of communication with others (regardless of the distance between them). Internet has also become easily accessible within the past decade, with cellphones and other hand held devices becoming more popular. Advertisements do not have to be given out as flyers, put on billboards, or commercials; as internet marketing is an effective approach that many companies make use of in today’s world. It is very effective by its low costs, appeal to specific audiences from all around the world, fast development, its effectiveness can be easily checked, environmentally friendly, easily accessible, and through social media.

Using the internet to advertise one’s services and/or products can be beneficial to the business as it uses a relatively low production cost. Businesses do not need to put in a lot of money for marketing and can use the money for other areas, and this will result in higher profits. It is also not very risky, as a big amount of money is not being gambled for. Even if it does not end up increasing sales, it can be discarded of or removed easily unlike removing billboard ads from a street.

Most forms of advertisements such as billboards and magazine advertisements do not appeal to all audiences and may not easily targeted to a specific audience. For example, billboards can only reach out to those driving on that street (if they notice it). Internet marketing can be used to reach out to a wide range of people from all over the world, and not just a specific area. It can also be targeted to a specific group of people by the website that it is advertised on. If a company that sells flower pots were to advertise on the internet, they may want to post ads on a website with similar content such as a website that gives people tips on how to grow plants from seeds and tending to plants. This is very effective as it is more likely to get an increase of customers by getting the people who are in need of the service or product to see the advertisement on it. The internet also reaches out to all age groups- children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly; which makes it one of the best advertising methods.

Marketing using the internet is also relatively easy and fast. An advertisement can be quickly developed and added to websites. The company also relies and does business with the creators of the website which may become good business connections.

The number of times the advertisement has been clicked on can also be checked easily, as well as what website it was redirected from. This can help the company to decide whether the ad served its purposes well or not. It can also influence their decision to continue to post their ads on the website or to increase it. This can save the business money as they can stop doing business with the websites that do not really help them, and increase profits by concentrating more on websites that do.

Internet marketing does not negatively impact the environment. A company can build a good reputation for being eco-friendly by encouraging its employees to do eco-friendly acts (such as only printing out what is necessary and only using the lights if there is not enough sunlight coming through the windows) and making its production process eco-friendly. Another thing that can add to this is making its advertisements eco-friendly as well. Advertising through the internet does not waste paper nor produce gases that effect the atmosphere, and can be given recognition for this. There are many environmental concerns in today’s world as we are slowly destroying the Earth by put small actions building up. People who hold such beliefs may choose to do business with this company because of their concern for the environment rather than another company which has a similar service or product.

It also lets its audience know how easily accessible their services are, as they can easily get more information on it by their website. The consumer did not have to hassle to find the service and can do business with the company more easily. They were not forced to listen to a commercial between what they were watching or given a paper with an ad on it. They made the decision to learn more about the product by clicking the advertisement.

Social media is usually used by people in their free time, when they are more open to explore different things. If a company were to get a celebrity to endorse their product or service through social media, people become curious about what it was and are tempted to search it up and try it out.

As a consumer who has seen advertisements on various websites, I am tempted to click on the ad because it is similar to what I want or need. If I am waiting for my show to load, and see an ad about an online clothes store, I am tempted to click on it and buy what catches my eye from it. A lot of services have become easily accessible through the internet, even if the service is in another country. It is an even better experience when the company that I bought a product from emails me back with shipping details and thanking me. It makes it seem like they care and would want to do business with you again and to get in touch mostly business use Instagram. As world is moving ahead and you can get instant instagram followers.

The world from thirty years ago, let alone 10 years, is not the same today. People rely more on technology and the internet for their everyday needs and wants. Internet marketed has been proven effective as it can appeal to the audience that needs it, has a relatively low cost, easy, fast, accessible, and environmentally friendly. Internet marketing should be relied on by more companies today as it is one of the most effective marketing methods in today’s world- in 2018.


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